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26 miles from Long Beach, CA, Catalina is the greatest place on Earth. But that's only if you stay at a friend's house. But the food is wonderful and there is plenty to do. Avalon is beautiful and cruise ships stop there twice per week.
Do you want to go to Catalina with us over the vacation? We can go kayaking, hiking, eat good food, relax, go to the movies...
by Adrienne February 26, 2005
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Also known as the Poor Man’s Hawaii, Santa Catalina Island is a small Desert Island just off the coast of Long Beach. The history of the island spans hundreds of years, yet the history is rather unnoticeable. The island is somewhat popular to celebrities, including Marilyn Monroe, Christopher Walken, and various social media stars. The island holds the annual Catalina Wine Mixer every year completely thanks to the movie Step Brothers.

There is no exports of Catalina Island besides tourism, which it receives millions of people year round. Currently, the island is in a severe drought.
“I was at Catalina Island for the Catalina Wine Mixer bro, it was radical!”

Christopher Walken and Natalie Wood were here before she died!”
by El Fuckface October 02, 2018
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