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An extremely insulting term used in rugby league circles to describe players who are soft, effeminate, timid, and generally do not embody the spirit of the great game of rugby league. There is no greater insult that can be directed at a rugby league player. To be called "a cat salad", or simply "cat salad", is a great source of shame and ignominy for a rugby league player, and otherwise promising rugby league careers have been ruined as a result of cat salad accusations.
Whilst a rugby league player is lining up a goal kick, a spectator might yell out: "You're nothing but a bloody cat salad, mate!", or, "Go home, ya filthy little cat salad". Another example would be where a group of rugby league spectators might chant in unison (usually directed towards a particular player from the opposing team): "cat salad, cat salad, cat salad", or derivations thereof.
by Ly Hai Long August 08, 2011
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