An online testing program designed by sadists to make students cry and used by teachers who are too lazy to write their own tests. Each question is presented with four choices to chose from and upon confirming your answer, the system with freeze for a random amount of time, in hopes of increasing your heart rate higher than it already is, before telling you that you are wrong.
Student: Did you see there was a Castle Learning due last night at 11:59 pm?
Friend: Yeah, I got a 79%. Most of the stuff we never learned and Yahoo Answers didn't always have the question.
Student: Well, I didn't do it at all.
by Tells-Many-Truths March 28, 2016
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An online testing/review program designed by sadists who enjoy seeing students of all ages cry at receiving low grades while taking online tests that score themselves automatically. Every so often the system will randomly freeze before telling you whether you were right or wrong just to increase your heart rate 10 more BPM.
Student: The Castle Learning is due at 11:59 pm tonight.
Friend: I know, I just finished it and got an 86. We only learned half the questions in class.
by Tells-Many-Truths March 21, 2016
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A program written by a bunch of fat lazy teachers that want to make their school look good yet it has no significant impact whatsoever plus they have equations you probably haven't learned yet
john: hey John did you do castle learning yet

Tom: No it closed and expired
by realone34 August 14, 2017
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