Used to define a person or object that is so fresh. Often referring to a person's immaculate dress sense, ravishing facial hair and/or witty humour.
"Oi bruh you hear that new LEZ track?"
"Yeah it hurt my ears, definitely not cassh!"


"How lit were those DJ's at the 21st party the other night!"
"True that they were cassh the whole night fam"
by VerySingleEven October 21, 2016
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basically if you use your ass for cash
p1: Had a good night tonight, got some cassh

p2: ugh you’re such a hoe
by Nova666 September 20, 2020
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Casshe has an above average peenile part. He walks into a room and everyone turns his head or not. Weather you like casshe or not everyone notices him. He has alot of friends and there or only a few who would not be his friend. he is a charming man, funny, and very athletic. when he gets close friends they will always have his back through thiccc ;) and through thin shelb (rat) abigail one of his friends is going to get back with blake sometime soon and she is making diss tracks on her ex. They will be realsed soon @abigail.hoe on sound cloude :) If u are looking at this its just a joke her real spotify is @babigal/blake
Casshe is a g
by Nibba time February 1, 2019
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