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A sexy ass girl who is loving and cares about everyone. She has a natural beauty about her and everyone usually loves her outgoing personality. Guys fall easily for her, but she is very picky about who she stays with. She doesn't like being alone and when she is in a relationship she is 99 percent of the time truthful and honest. She can be a party animal at times, but behind closed doors she likes things romantic yet aggressive.
Damnnnn.. Cassaundra u got a big ass!
by Randi Driggers September 07, 2008
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Cassaundra is the name of the Trojan princess in the Trojan war. Cassaundra is associated with the prophecy of doom and disbelief from others. Completely honest, but never believed, she was supposed to be cursed by the greek god Apollo.
Im telling you, he is cheating on you!
Oh, stop being Cassaundra
by crazedchica November 18, 2009
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