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An annoying-as-frack application used in the form of advertisement on numerous websites. A rather recent phenomenon, it advertises the basic feature of simplifying and altering the hues and pixels in an image to give humans/animals/objects a "cartoonish" look. It's actually really easy to do yourself via photoshop.
Bill: "Hey Frank, guess what?"
Frank: "What? Can't you see I'm playing Modern Warfare 2?"
Bill: "Yeah, but did you know you can use this free online program to make a cartoon picture of yourself? It's called "Cartoonize Yourself" and is so cool!"
Frank: "LOL I'm a graphic designer, I can do that in fifteen seconds on Photoshop."

Bill: "Wow, I suck. I'm gonna go eat my lawn now."
by Stiffofdeth January 29, 2010
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