The art of taking pictures from inside a car.
It takes much skill to master the art of cartography. (TRUE FACT)
by BetterDenYou December 3, 2016
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A person in which studies the change of cultural maps over human history.
I think I might search for a college that teaches chrono-cartography.
by Time&Space March 20, 2023
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To have sexual intercourse with a cartographer from minecraft. Upon climax both simultaneously loudly shout the villager noise. Hmmmmm
Her trades were to expensive so I gave her the Dirty cartography table.
by Hdjdjnrj February 14, 2021
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A very sexy object that anyone could bang at any time
Bob” look at that sexy cartography table, i would smash.”
by Big_pp_energy November 23, 2019
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