A form of fagging, except while playing Gary Numan's Cars and making odd jestures and faces at the people who are being fagged.
Cmon lets go in my car and go carsing up-town
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The moisture and stench build up in your pants after a long, hot car trip. (Car arse) Other examples are-Parse after a long plane trip and Larse-after extended hours on the lounge drinking beer on a hot day.
Fuck! How long have you been driving? I can smell your carse from the other side of the room
by Mitch Everson August 14, 2006
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A strong male name usually associated with courage, a leader of men. A king of kings

that has no need for a crown

originating in Ireland 1730's
He knew he was Carse before he became Carse.
by Drippin_Herb June 25, 2021
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the small passage of skin between the cunt and the arsehole,the chinrest.
"oh,i was hovering around the carse last night mate and the filthy slag only went and dropped one,strewth mate ,i was back up before you could say,ya flamin galla...,
by bruce May 20, 2003
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a guy who is weirdly attractive he is one person on the inside than out very athletic loves to play game has great potential for sports but blows it all away do to his school work
carse is really goodat sports
by dainel cosbey September 6, 2021
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