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She is One Fine Woman! She definately catches the eyes of men! With her Funloving and happy personality she is a pleasure to see.
Carolann You the Woman!
by warren38507 March 15, 2011
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A super cool chick. A Carolann always looks super hot, and all the guys will want to bang her. She knows she's fine, and tends to be a make out whore, but it comes with the territory when you're as hot as her. Basicly a Carolann is a sexy beast.
Man I was in this bar yesterday, and I met a Carolann, she was smokin'
by WisestGuy March 06, 2009
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carolann is the most amazing girl you will ever meet shes extreamlly hot with a sexy body every one wants to bang her
carolann sexy lady that gives good sex
by carol-Ann August 28, 2008
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a truly different and special girl.She is very friendly and draws in guys. She has wonderful eyes and a goregous smile. her best feature is between her smile, laugh, and butt. irresistable to everyone.
"Carol Ann is amazing."
by ohbabyashleyyy March 12, 2009
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A soul sucking vampire that will lull you into a false sense of security over the course of 8 years,then once your there,will crush your spirit leaving you a helpless ineffectual man.
I wanted to buy her a drink but I knew she was a Carol Ann,and I really didnt want to waste that much of my life just to get a piece of ass.
by IllWill421 August 23, 2008
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A girl from Connecticut that rides dirt bikes but CANNOT mix fuel or even START HER OWN BIKE. Known to be very loud and giggle frequently, may be seen riding a "pony", but never a horse. May have an extreme fear of Road Apples.
Russell couldn't start his bike, then he realized the gas was shut off. Russell pulled a Carol Ann on us.
by EastBound December 15, 2008
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