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Carnforth High School is a shit show, yr11s are a fucking crease and you’ll probably get a sponge cake smacked in your face. Most of us “students” are in the toilets at break and lunch using our E-cigs to make ourselves look superior to the rest of the school, the teachers chat shit out there arse and if your depressed then your pretty much fucked cos no one will give a fuck. Everyone’s got beef and you’ll probably get asked by about 6 different yr7s if you’ve got a cig. Most the girls look fake as fuck and wear a foundation thats 3 shades darker than what they are. Lads are fucking dickheads and there’s probably a few diseases being past round to the thots and fuck boys of the school. Overall the school is just a pile of wank where you’ll leave as a drug addict and maybe a couple of gcses. Kids Probably sniff Ket of the toilet seats as well.
Carnforth high

the girl wanted to go to Carnforth high”

“ the girl went to Carnforth high”

The girl got clap from someone in Carnforth high”
by Gofuckyourselfdickwand April 09, 2019
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A shit little school in the middle of nowhere full of chavs and slags where the teachers like to make everyone “eat healthy “ then put on a cake sale and u can’t even come in with no makeup on without them telling you to wipe your face off , all over the kids leave with less education then they came with and probably a few Diseases
“” Mum can I go to carnforth high

“I will cook you and the dog before I send any of. My kids to that school “”
by Chingslongswu June 04, 2018
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