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Dr. Carlisle Cullen is the "adopted" father of Edward Cullen and his "siblings" in the novelTwilight by Stephenie Meyer. He is a vampire, but works at the local hospital because he likes to help people.
"It could happen to anyone," Carlisle Cullen spoke to Bella and she felt a tugging sensation on her arm.
"It COULD, but it just about seems to just happen to me." Bella sighed.
(or something like that)
by alice cullen April 10, 2007
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The Olympic Coven's ( also known as the Cullen Coven) " adopted father/sire" he got all the cullens to become animal drinking vampire "vegetarians " He also seems to think that because he and the rest of his family drink animal blood they are automatically better than all human blood drinkers and is Christ reborn.
Friend: What the heck, Carlisle Cullen makes no sense, it's called a blood bag idiot.

Me:I know right like what the heck Carlisle quit acting like you are so much better than everyone just because you don't understand the meaning of real food and rabies,I mean they're animals for god sake.
by HelloTwithches September 16, 2016
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