The best fucken school in Ontario;
Best Politics program in Canada,

and in the most amaizing city in the WORLD!

Also: Rival school = U of Ottawa.
Carleton University chant:

There's a hole in the city, and its name is Ottawa U // And if you're dull and boring, then it's the place for you // And if you're into concrete, and ugly buildings too // Then welcome to Ottawa U


Fuck you, Ottawa U! // Fuck you, Ottawa U! // En francais, c'est fuckez vous! // Ottawa U // So fuck you, Ottawa U!

by Ravens! March 4, 2009
Once rated one as of the worst Universities in Canada, this sad excuse for a university mostly caters to the non bilingual population of Ottawa. It has also been known as "Last Chance U", due to its very low entrance requirements.This means all the students that Ottawa U rejects upon application, would probably get accepted at Carleton. Most Carleton students hate the fact that Ottawa U is an official bilingual university and that most of their staff will address students in French before switching to English.

The only redeeming feature Carleton has to offer is their Journalism program. Unfortunately this is becoming a useless discipline because the standards of journalistic writing and integrity have significantly dropped in recent years, meaning any uneducated bozo can become a "journalist".

Carleton students constantly bad mouth the University of Ottawa because they have an inferiority complex, they even made a silly chant about how much they hate their rival University.

As one could see from the lack of criticisms for Carleton on urban dictionary, most U of O students could care less about the rivalry. They know Carleton has a terrible reputation and no matter what improvements Carleton has made over the years this reputation will linger for years to come.
Prospective student: Hey dad I'm think of going to Carleton University instead of U Of O.

Dad: If you think I am going to help you pay to go to last chance U, you can forget it.
by nicky3eyes November 30, 2012