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Germanic/Scandinavian for feminine, or womanly.

A woman of great elegance, beauty, and intelligence.

Shy, sensitive, gentle, patient,lively and an
exhibitionist, sometimes hiding the

considerable depths of their character,

under a cloak of frivolity.
A graceful dancer, known to cast magick spells with the

rhythm of her feet, and swaying of her hips. An amazing,

and insatiable lover, always eager to learn more.

Enchanting eyes, that will pull you into their depths,
as she surrounds you with the warmth of her smile.

Loyal to her friends, and lovers, she will never betray a trust.
Carleen is the biggest mynx alive, soooo damn sexy but also very weird.
by Raynna February 08, 2010
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Carleen is one of the sweetest things you will ever encounter as you walk across this earth. She will dazzle you with her wit and her sweet charm. She will entertain you with her imagination and sense of adventure. When you are with Carleen there is never a dull moment. She has an infectious personality that makes you love her instantaneously. Her beauty is immeasurable. If you are a Carleen you are truly beautiful on the outside but on the inside as well. She is loved by most and those who do not fall under her spell change their minds after knowing her, unless they are of the foolish kind. She is a wonderful, wonderful creature who will make you a better person just for being in her midst. The girl that i'm falling so deeply for. The girl that puts a smile on my face whether I'm with her or just thinking about her. Carleens are easy/great to fall in love with, but they are impossibly hard to fall out of love with. Once hooked to a Carleen, you certainly will maintain a strong connection for a very long time. They are addicting like a drug, except the high is much more uplifting. If a Carleen says shes loves you, you're in luck for sure. Carleens need to be taken care of and treated right, and though it’s very hard at times to figure out the right way, in the end everything will work out right, through all the ups and all the downs. Carleen's love with all their being.
A classy, flirty young woman Playful, a tease
I am falling for a Carleen
by dfghjjjllvbnmyt August 18, 2010
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A girl who basically kicks major ass. You can depend on this broad to have a best dance moves around and she's the kind of person that either beats up your dad or does him.
Carleen! Get off my dad!! (either context works here)
by arizonagreentea November 16, 2008
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