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The cool Caribbean street man's form of hello. A melange of the traditional white man handshake and the African American handshake, with added bells and whistles because everything takes longer in the Caribbean. A traditional handshake begins, immediately leading into an interlocking of thumbs, then the pullback to the fingertip handshake, then a dap and chake, then to a series of two vertical fist bumps. The Caribbean handshake is usually concluded with a diagonal placement of the right forearm across your chest like a midieval knight would do. For effect, the one armed hug can also be performed while the fingertip handshake portion occurs.
Tourists can never replicate the complicated, locally-created proceedure of the Caribbean handshake, so if you do it well, it proves you are truly a cool local.
by Voodoo Dude August 18, 2008
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An 8 step handshake process unique to local Islanders in the Netherlands Antilles. It begins with a traditional handshake, then slides into interlocking thumbs, next to a circular thumb grip, followed by three fist bumps and conculded by the presentation of one's forarm across the chest.
Wow, how did you learn that Caribbean handshake.
by Voodoo Dude August 28, 2008
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