The act of copy and pasting code from a source (book, website, CD_ROM etc) into code you are writing, without first understanding what it does.
"Jane is always cargo-culting javascript from dodgy progamming websites."
by holobob April 20, 2009
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Self-serving policies such as entitlement to any item that comes into your reach as the result of your having dreamed about it before or it reminds you of something you have dreamed about before or is something you might dream about or want in the future. Opposite to Wikipedia type policies which forbid keeping anything you have offered in the past, offer now in the present or may want to offer in the future, unless you are an actual member of their cult.
Hey Buck what happened to your bicycle? I had it chained to that lamp post over there but I guess it violated this neighborhood's Cargo Cult Policy.
by poedunker April 16, 2010
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When one culture believes the “cargo” (technology) of a technologically superior culture was stolen and was intended for them instead.
The CCP commonly tells its populace that the west stole its technology, and said technology was rightly and divinely intended for the Chinese people. This makes the CCP a cargo cult.
by Monkey Putin November 7, 2023
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