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The tallest building in the city of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is around 49 stories (or floors) high. The most interesting thing about the Carew Tower is that the Empire State Building in New York was modeled directly after the Carew Tower. The only difference is, the Carew Tower is brown, and the Empire State Building is gray and twice as tall. This large Cincinnati skyscraper features the American Flag on its top spire, and a shopping mall on its first two floors.
The Carew Tower was completed in 1931.
by The Midwestrn Soldier December 10, 2004
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Actually, the closest inspiration for the Empire State Building was the Rand Building in Buffalo, both of which were designed by the architectural firm Shreve, Lamb & Harmon. The Carew Tower was designed by Walter W. Ahlschlager. Plus, the Empire State Building is also brown; it is clad in the same Indiana limestone that the Carew Tower is.
I wish that I were big enough to use the Carew Tower as a dildo.
by Midwestrn Soldier March 28, 2005
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