Cardbordeaux is wine that is packaged in a collapsable (usually plastic) bladder with a tap inside a cardboard box. Sneered on by oenophiles but happily consumed by those such as middle-class housewives who were beer-drinkers in college. And possible Boone's Farm drinkers in high school. But it's not as sweet.

A favorite of Sara Wiggum, mother of Ralph and wife of Chief Wiggum on The Simpsons.
Cardbordeaux is generally inexpensive compared to bottled wine, but more expensive varieties are coming out as its popularity increases.
"You look like my Mommy after her box of wine," said Ralph Wiggum thinking of his mother's Cardbordeaux.

From the blog of Mary Tsao of Northern California:
"A sad sight: This mommy tipping the box of wine to get the last of it out. When did the box of wine replace the keg, people? I'm officially old."

Mostly consumed by white folks. I notice it's rarely available in markets dominated by African Americans.

Popular brands are Franzia, Peter Vella and Almaden. Reportedly the most popular variety (according to Papa Joe's Discount Liquors in Richmond, Indiana) is Franzia Sunset Blush.

by Marthakay October 8, 2006
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