Derogatory term for vehicle drivers, whose cognitive functions have been impaired by the act of driving.

Long term dependency on their car has caused their brain to atrophy to such an extent that they barely recognize pedestrians as human. The car brain will speed in parking lots where they share right-of-way with pedestrians, will block the entirety of a crosswalk while waiting for the green light, overtake bikes without giving enough room, splash pedestrians with water by hitting puddles at full speed, et cetera
Look at that, some car brain parked in the bike lane. Sure would be a shame if someone keyed them.
by Chad Pedestrian August 29, 2021
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A phrase commonly used by urbanists who think choosing to drive means you have a disfunctional brain, and that all drivers are insonsiderste assholes who go 90 across parking lots, randomly swerve into bike lanes, and go out of their way to run over pedestrians in crosswalks... because obviously if you put all the asshole drivers on a bike, bus or train instead, they'd suddenly become more considerate.
Urbanist: I was cycling the other day and almost got hit by some car brain going 30 in a 25. All drivers are assholes. We should ban cars.
by car_brain_114 February 27, 2023
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