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A Capasitor (the purposely misspelling of Capacitor) is a faulty electrolytic capacitor that fails in a short period of time (1-3years). Most Capasitors are the result of incorrect electrolyte formulation in aluminum electrolytic capacitors.

Its rumored the "S" in Capasitor is from "Shitty" and like the wrong formula was simply stuck in there .

A electrolytic Capacitor that explodes instantly from being installed backwards is not a Capasitor, as that is a install error and not a component manufacturing problem.

The Capasitor plague was a period between 1999 and 2007 when Capasitors were killing in a large number of products.
That cheap Chinese capasitor killed my motherbaord.
by mpheyse October 21, 2015
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A capasitor is capable of storing energy.
A capasitor is an electronic component that exists out of two relatively large conductor(s), that exist close to each other, devided by an isolator.

This ability or capacity(therefore capasitor) is expressed in a unit: Farad(symbol "F"). A capasitor that is charged with 1 Coulomb, with a Voltage of 1, has the capasity of 1 Farad.

The first capasitor was the "Leidse Fles"(Leidse "Bottle"). Invented in the University of Leiden, by Pieter van Musschenbroek.

There are different types of capasitors;

-the ones that are in you're Personal Computer or Television on "chip-plates": you know those that look like small fixed batteries;
-elekrolythical(high capacity, relative low ohms resistance, generally used for stabilisation of electrical tension (elco)

-plastic "film" as an isolator
-flexible(for example in a radio to tune)
-oilcapasitors(for high capacity)
What are those things that look like small-batteries on my newly bought motherboard? Those are capasitors!
by Thomas the "Anarchist" February 03, 2006
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