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Canterbury High School / an Ottawa-Carleton District School Board high school near Elmvale and Billings bridge in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The school was opened in 1969, and has over 1400 students. Its sports teams are "The Chargers". Canterbury High School includes a lot of black and Arab immigrants as well as posh white richies in the arts program. Canterbury students are both afraid and are disgusted by the neighbouring Hillcrest students as they are promiscuous. The sports teams in general suck, but do okay in some sports such as swimming. Canterbury has argueably the best arts program in the region (next to the frenchie school DeLaSalle) and it attracts snobby anorexic dancers, obnoxiously loud actors, high visual students, gay vocal students, and random muscians from all over. This is a very white population and about 0.000000006 people in it are not white. The walls are covered with lots of awesome artowrk and the halls are full of crazy people. It's a very friendly environment in general. It's full of gay boys and beautiful girls and is a great place for a straight guy to come and all the girls there are desperate and even a mediocre guy has 3 girls after him. Couples have sex in the hallways sometimes, especially the drama stairwell. A good place in general.
P1. Wow your crazy, which high school do you go to?

Awesome Person: Canterbury High School, nbd. ;)
by CHSmas December 03, 2011
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