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A small little town in Simcoe County, Ontario, in Canada... a quaint town, and the town itself is great, but has a high school population of complete morons... mostly consisting of jocks who like to get off on each others penises at hockey practice... or at parties, at least they did in the years between 2002-2006. In addition, most of the girls from that time were hideous skanks, and liked to pretend they were prettier than they really were, in fact, most of them looked like they were hit by the ugly bus... probably in the school parking lot after basketball practice. Elmvale is a great town when you don't have a population of douche-bag teenagers to worry about.
"Did you see that girl down the hall... she looks like an ugly bus hit her..."

"Yeah, that's because she goes to Elmvale High... and likes to think she's pretty"

"Yeah, you're right... she's actually ugly as hell, I guess she likes sports as a way of proving she is worthy of something."
by A1B23C February 12, 2012
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