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A term used to describe one of both Canadian and Indian heritage.
My friend Pankti is so Canindian. She loves hockey and tiki masala!
by Courtney Fufu April 11, 2014
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A person of East Indian descent who was one of many born in Canada, and who has more interests in the western world than in older, traditional ways and practices...
Rima is a Canindian--She looks brown, but she acts whiter than anyone I know!
by melysni February 09, 2005
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Molson Canadian beer
Do to the fact that is the most popular beer for Indians to drink
Local expression: Bruce Peninsula, ON
John: Stand up
Jim: Okay
John: While you're up, wanna grab me a beer?
Jim: What you want?
John: A CanIndian
by bartofdahammer February 22, 2009
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