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Simply the most the most beautiful transsexual who ever existed!
A dear friend of Andy warhol staring in his films 'flesh' and 'women in revolt'
Born James Lawrence Slattery Candy went through a string of names (Hope Slattery, Hope Dahl, Candy Dahl, Candy Cane) She eventually settled on Candy Darling due to a friend who called her darling so often that it stuck.

Candy became a fond favourite at the factory and befriended various other 'drag queens' such as Holly Woodlawn and Jackie Curtis.

She stared in numerous films mainly with small parts however had the lead role in Warhol's 'women in revolt'. Lou Reed also wrote about her in the song take a walk on the wild side and wrote the entire song 'candy says' about her idescions on wether to have a sex change operation.

Candy Darling died at the age of 29 on the 21st of march 1974 of leukemia, not one to be bitter about death Candy was rather satisfied with her short yet extravagant life and was ready for death. She wrote a letter somewhat simillar to a suicide note even though suicide was not the way she chose to go.

The photograph 'Candy Darling on her deathbed' has been used by alternative music act antony and the johnsons for the cover of their mecury music award winning album 'I am a bird now'

Candy was a truly beautiful lady (much more elegant than alot of females I can think) an inspirational and memorable women!
To whom it may concern

By the time you read this I will be gone. Unfortunately before my death I had no desire left for life. Even with all my friends and my career on the upswing I felt too empty to go on in this unreal existence. I am just so bored by everything. You might say bored to death. It may sound ridiculous but is true. I have arranged my own funeral arrangements with a guest list and it is paid for. I would like to say goodbye to Jackie Curtis, I think you're fabulous. Holly, Sam Green a true friend and noble person, Ron Link I'll never forget you, Andy Warhol what can I say, Paul Morrissey, Lennie you know I loved you, Andy you too, Jeremiah don't take it too badly just remember what a bitch I was, Geraldine I guess you saw it coming. Richard Turley & Richard Golub I know I could've been a star but I decided I didn't want it. Manuel, I'm better off now. Terry I love you. Susan I am sorry, did you know I couldn't last I always knew it. I wish I could meet you all again.

Goodbye for Now
Love Always

Candy Darling

Tinkerbell HI!

by Sophia_I_ February 07, 2007
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