A product made of latex rubber, invented possibly by drunk college students, that fits confortably over a regular soda can. The supposed purpose of the candom is to keep your drink cool while outside, though it is mostly used for a laugh.
Hey man, is your beer getting cold? Put a candom on it.
by tazz25 February 20, 2006
A rubber thing desinged like a condom, to put over your beer. Invented by college students, most people use them to be funny.
Dude why is you beer wearing a condom?

It's not, it's a candom

Oh okay

Practice safe sips use a candom one size fits all
by DizzyLizzy January 19, 2007
A condom so large, it fits over a standard can of soup. Typically used as a humorus method of demonstrating proper condom usage to teenagers.
So large, he could fit a candom.
by Masamune November 15, 2003