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In 2014, six up to as many as 8 Glenbard East Class of 1994 classmates were in a scandal when they learned they snubbed horror author turned Sen. Andrew Ian Dodge. There were several blog entries taking each one of them out The Sloping Companion was a blogger on Wordpress that knew of The Cabbie Homicide's guilty party a year before this was realized. The scandal was starting to unfold on The Glenbard East 20 Year Reunion Facebook group where the organizer realized the gravity of the scandal when Andrew Ian Dodge lost his battle with cancer on August 1, 2014. The highest profile classmate was the one who works for Phillips 66.

The plagiarism of The P 'o D was the last straw as one of them has as many as 3,000 followers on Linkedin. This was the Shadow Dolls Plagiarism Affair too close to home because there were several that were involved and lead to the mistreatment of the roster of The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five. Then the mistreatment of the publishers who ran him then a few started running with the industry factions, "I am not going to treat you like a classmate, meaning you're not immune to scandal if you say something that causes blowback."
What is this scandal? The one known as Cancer Snub, it was coined by the light blue blog of his own classmates where "Pastor's Spouse", "The Infamy Raines," "Nazi Eyes With A Jesus Smile," "Faustian Bargain" and "The Controversy Of The Classmates" put all of them on the spot and then the Insane Journal location had a longer entry speaking of Lombard. Mutual classmate (hangs out in a larger group known as Voices in my Head) and a cousin egged a piece that became a sleeper on Wattpad. An Eye In Shadows was revised to lampshade the high profile scandal.

The Sloping Companion was completely humiliated by the controversial author as he found a photo of this one's mugshot then flipped him off on camera then uploaded the thing. "Should had spoke up about me being plagiarized you fucking drug dealer." The wife of the subject of that blog entry was saying he was on par to Stephen Glass when she saw that entry. The barbs were critical shots. The scandal was chronicled on new media only. It was blown wide open when An Eye In Shadows was revised in 2014 to keep the integrity of the 2008 revisions using The Chicago Tribune reports from the era to further give historic accuracy. The scandal didn't make it to The Tribune but those who knew about it, they told others don't intervene when other classmates interacted with the roster of The Ethereal Gazette: Issue Five. This was dubbed Cancer Snub Scandal on
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