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A defunct Wordpress blog from an arrested criminal that was a class of 1994, at Glenbard East who ran into classmate who eventually wrote the true crime yarn, The Cabbie Homicide -- as this one is a chronicled big name fan of the jam band Phish. Noted everyone else knows they are less than talented as they replaced The Grateful Dead in the 1990s. Their fanbase are known as phans as they also follow the act infamous for dumping 800 pounds of turdage on unsuspecting tourists. The light blue blog has appeal in underground heavy metal communities as being the counterpart to Fox News Channel and CBS News -- the candid life blogger with real reporting.

Known as a guilty by association in the Something Awful plagiarism incident that the goon got caught doing as the subject of "Pastor's Spouse" was also freight-trained for also covering up for it.
The light blue blog in 2014 had an investigative report of a classmate blogger behind the wordpress presence of The Sloping Companion as he later found that some were bitching about his fraud practices around the same time this came up. The wife at the time came and revealed that he knocked her up when she was just eighteen as he was a borderline pedophile -- he tried to sue the author of An Eye In Shadows for ten large, as this one threatened to cannibalize him like a Portillo's Hot Dog, in another blog entry the author took a barb implying if he wants to enjoy the taste of human meat, hands him a cleaver, suggests him to cut off his own limbs and cook them up in the back.
by ilinoishorrorman May 09, 2018
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