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Campus Police are mercenaries. Campus Police can arrest anyone, they can throw you jail, they have guns, detectives, K-9 Units, pepper spray and the right to use lethal force. However unlike the regular police who are paid by the state and each citizen's tax dollars and thereby have responsibility to protect each citizen (in theory); Campus Police of private Universities, Colleges and other organizations are paid by the private organization and no one else, they have no responsibility or care for the average citizen, or town or state.

Campus Police are only required to care and have a responsibility towards those who pay them. They have no incentive to treat others fairly who are not affiliated with the college or university, and yet campus police can arrest anyone, even someone who commits a crime not on their campus. So where is the internal review for this private police force for those not part of the University community? Am I really to trust the private organization? To take my side, to fight for and protect my rights?
I took a piss in alley in Harvard Square and next thing I know I was getting arrested by the Harvard campus police even though I wasn't in Harvard! WTF?
by WritingWriter87 January 03, 2015
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