Guys names Camon are some of the sweetest guys you’ll ever meet. They are incredibly good texters and answer ever part of the long paragraph you spent hours writing. But they do come with a price. When you fall for them you FALL for them and when they break your heart it hurts like hell. So beware but if you get one never let him go.
New kid: “who’s that guy over there?”

Girl that is secretly crushing on him: “oh that’s Camon the sweetest guy around”
by Girl that fell for Camon October 1, 2019
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Expression used by the portuguese to identify tourists who speak english as their first language. It was first used by the portuguese people who could not speak english. It comes from the expression "come on" which was pretty much the only word the portuguese understood at the time.
dude, the camones were FUCKED UP at the bar/pub last night.
mano, os camones estavam todos fodidos no bar ontem à noite.
by suckmytittties April 13, 2021
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