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A small suburban town with nothing to do, people refer to it as a "hick town" but that is just because they are dumb and ill informed and are actually thinking of placerville.
im boring because i live in cameron park.
by megannn April 22, 2006
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A small town in El dorado county, quite possibly the biggest mistake of my life moving here from San Francisco, there is NOTHING to do..ever. So regardless of how you feel about this shitty town I can say that it is pretty much a typical small area with most of its population being old,overly religious,republican,far right people. I choose to stand out, and wear my hat backwards,drive fast, and piss off my ignorant neigbors! Bay Area forever, screw this town.

P.S Kids here often try to thug and refer to the town as "C,P" Yeah..your not cool.
Residents of Cameron Park

Person 1: What did you do today?

Person 2: Went to safeway and worked

Person 2: What about you?

Person 1: SAME.

Person 2: You know..I really fucking hate this town.

Neighbor: Punkass kids in my neighborhood.
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A small boring redneck adjacent town in California. "Fun" places to hang out include: the Cameron Park skate park, the Safeway parking lot, Hacienda Park, Cameron Park lake, the Golf course, and Burke's Junction. Most of the residents of Cameron Park are either conservative republicans, or stoners.
Well, since were in Cameron Park, we might as well get high.
by Dystopia420 June 13, 2011
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A potty stop/ township that sits between civilization and trees, rests in the hills and has no places of entertainment value except for the Safeway parking lot and five dollar performances at Ponderosa High School's miniature drama room five times a year.
I am so bored that I cannot believe I am not in cameron park
by Morgan Trials May 20, 2009
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Home to some of the coolest kids in El Dorado County. Parties often envied by Georgetown residence, and surrounding places. Popular places include dollar scoop Tuesdays at Baskin Robins and safeway parking lot. Stupid bitches form Sacramento may hate on this town, but it's fucken cool, some enjoy it!
We're the shit, we live in Cameron Park.
by COOOLies February 10, 2009
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