Beautiful, fun, loving, kind, caring girl that loves her freinds and family and loves hanging out with people. She is a great kisser and she loves boys. boy crazy. but she is so kind and funny and loving that everyone loves her. she likes boys. c8s.
that girl is almost as amazing as a camella.
by beangrace March 12, 2011
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Hot beautiful brown eyes and bubbly voice funny never let her go hreat kisser

(My name is actually camella)
💙love on her💙
:camella hey Easton

Easton: sup up for lava monsters

Camella oml yeah
by Disco cat January 18, 2021
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Pablo: "Tomas y Matteo, look at the dedo de camella that chica has!"
Tomas: "Si, her pants are so tight it looks like a muy grande toe of a camel between her thighs."
Matteo: "Icaramba!"
by Pablo, Tomas y Matteo November 21, 2012
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The largest house and lot developer in the Philippines.
I bought a house from Camella.
by standarduser August 16, 2021
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