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A name for a girl, usually an Asian, Pacific Islander, or African American. Camay's like to use Camay brand soap, so they tend to have silky smooth skin. They are deceptively clean and cute on the outside, but are freaky behind closed doors. Camay's are usually friendly, calm, and easy-going, it takes a lot to piss one off. If an angry Camay is encountered, do whatever it takes to avoid the rage that is boiling within.
Camay is a passive-aggressive.

Camay went to band camp.
by MyPseudonym987654321 February 02, 2010
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A wonderful brand of soap. Comes in three different packages which are all extremely enjoyable to smell. This soap cleans exceptionally well and there is much envy directed toward the elite group of people who buy this soap. It is viewed by a majority of the earth's population as the most "shibby" soap ever.
Due to the fact that I use Camay, I am a popular, straight guy and I can look down upon those poor individuals who choose to use Cinthol or Chandrika over this excellent brand of soap.
by Extremely-L33T-persoN July 31, 2004
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