A YouTuber who plays games not to win but to mess around and laugh alot. He plays multiple games ranging from horror to vr shooters. He's a great youtuber who is also know for his famous characters such as: Jim Pickens, Grognack(GTA RP), Grognack(Fallout),etc.
Me:Hey have you check out Call Me Kevin's YouTube channel. It's pretty awesome and funny
by Mr. Suicidal February 27, 2020
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An Irish YouTuber that plays a mix of modern and classic video games. His videos are very humorous, and he often messes around with games and plays them in unintended ways instead of trying to complete them. He has created many well-known characters who appear in his videos, such as the Dear Leader Jim Pickens and Turg.
Person A: Did you hear, Call Me Kevin's got 2 million subscribers.
Person B: Yeah, I'm so happy for him!
by UltraHylia July 30, 2020
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