A sex position where the male puts lighter fluid on his penis and lights it on fire and you see how long you can last.
Jim: “Hey bro you have fun last night?”
Tom: “yeah bro me and my girl did California wildfire last night and I lasted a whole 9 seconds but now I’ve got second degree burns
Jim: “nice nibba
by BrandonHunter April 30, 2019
When a guy does the helicopter with his penis and cum comes out
I did a California Wildfire all over my girlfriend last night, more fun than a regular cum shower
by eggsnbacon November 16, 2019
When you're having sex doggy style, light up a cigarette and stick the butt end of your partners asshole so it protrudes out like a candle in a birthday cake. When you climax, aim your load at the cherry of the cigarette to extinguish it before the ember burns all the way down to your partner's asshole.
I gave my girlfriend a California wildfire this weekend, I almost didnt put out the cigarette in time!
by Hellvig September 20, 2020
(Requires practice) While giving anal, have a large bottle of alcohol with a towel wedged in it and a lighter nearby, (See Molotov cocktail.) When you ejaculate, light the towel on fire, pull out fast, and shove the lit bottle up your partner’s ass. (Towel end out) Then shove them as hard as you can into the ground. The result should be a California wildfire.
That bitch bit my dick so I gave her a California wildfire.
by ThatsNotVeryNice January 15, 2020
When you have sex with a girl, and after you finish you light her on fire.
I was banging this chick last night, and as soon as I was done, I California Wildfire'd her ass
by TheRabbi May 26, 2011