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Prestige mounds found on a woman's chest, usually a woman from a higher class at least in appearance. They usually come in pairs, in very admirable sizes. Subjects of the opposite sex usually come to them in search for pearls of wisdom, seeing these protrusions as something of a Holy symbol. If one were to encounter these Oracles, you can rest assured that it won't be the last time they visit these blessings for guidance and/or comfort.

First discovered by a woman in search for a legendary dark horse, she encountered these Oracles resting upon a musician inside of an inn. They aided her in taking the next step into claiming this horse, and she eventually achieved this quest after multiple revisits.
"Look at the Oracles on that lady, they must contain great wisdom that is worth sharing."
by eggsnbacon December 2, 2012
When a guy does the helicopter with his penis and cum comes out
I did a California Wildfire all over my girlfriend last night, more fun than a regular cum shower
by eggsnbacon November 16, 2019