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He is so white that when the sun reflects off his head it will blind a baby. This man is sooooo gay
Yo im caleb james and i am bear white
by MonsterCock69696969 February 27, 2019
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Caleb is the type of person with two sides to his life he carries special love for everyone in his heart. He cares about everyone very much, even you who are reading this. His two sides are his heart if compassion and love and he may phrase things in a way to captivate a girls heart and tell them exactly what on their mind.

Caleb James are typically the type of guy to fall for they hold you specially in their heart and keep you know. They would do anything for a best friend even if it means getting them in a relationship. If a Caleb likes you, go for him he is loyal, faithful and would never cheat. He will show you what it means to be special.

He always brings laughter and joy to persons heart and when their down he cheers them so if you know a Caleb James, make sure he doesn’t leave your life.
That person is definitely a Caleb James.

I think I scored myself a Caleb James.

Hey, this is my new boyfriend Caleb James he’s perfect
by Caleb Jame’ss May 14, 2018
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