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CaitNasty is a ratched thursty prostitute belonging to the pimp named Pepper Jack. She is completely infested with every disease known to mankind. Although her pimp is a hard mother fucker from the skreets, she still don't make no money for him. CaitNasty often talks about her bowel movements regularly with everyone and won't hesitate to fart on a man after doing "the deed". No one knows who would hire such a disgusting prostitute, probably because she'll work for pennies, and most of the time, for free. She can be spoted by her unusual style of clothing (usually with no underwear), standing on a random corner with her friend "the pheobster", shouting obsenities at passers by. Be warned! If you see this prostitute, JUST SAY NO! The medical bills alone are not worth the free blow job!
Dude #1 - Yo I met dis chick at da club named CaitNasty B!

Dude #2 - Yea dat bitch done gave me da clap!

Dude #1 - Shieeeeeeet!

Random Dude - Yo you talkin bout dat CaitNasty?! Dat bitch gave me Herpes!

Dude #1 - Shieeeeeet!

Entire Walmart - Yall niggaz talkin bout CaitNasty?!
by Pepper_Jack June 13, 2013
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