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A skater/stoner kind of kid. A player in a sneaky kind of way. An asshole that claims he wants to "change". A kid that makes you stay on aim when you say bye even though he never talks. A HORRIBLE KISSER. And a weird kid that pokes you in annoying spots. A kid with an abnormal head. A kid with no life. I kid that CAN'T skate. A short kid. A kid that has the emotions of a seventh grade girl. A kid that has too many friends. A kid that gives good hugs. A kid that tells really dumb jokes. Basicly an asshole that doesn't know what he wants and likes to rip other peoples hearts out. Bush} is better compared to him.
Cailean has played two girls, claimed he "loved" them. He makes you feel like the crappiest person in the world. And he makes things seem like it's always YOUR fault. And he is just a big fat plain jerk.
by Rachel Croxford April 08, 2008
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