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A super tall guy who does dumb things just because he can. He stays up late every night just to game and is tired all day long. Don't try to fight with him because he never loses an argument.
Being a Caidon has its ups and downs.
by PolarKnighted May 07, 2018
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Caidon as a girl is very kind not very attractive has pretty eyes has a group of close friends she would no anything for is a fun loving and very funny but not very popular with the guys,and you never she her with a boyfriend
by It’s a me Mario October 13, 2017
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Caidon is a short black handsome man.With waves banding abs smoke alot.Also a great basket ball player. Last but not least he's short.
Girl he fine dats a caidon
by Thekeymaster1254 January 23, 2018
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Caidon, he's just a jerk but all the girls fall for him even though it never last he ugly for instance he's "your daddy's son" but still he gets a girlfriend. But what ever you do don't date him because he's just a fake and if you already are break up with him quick before he does with you and goes to the next girl
Caidon, ima date this girl then leave her in a couple months.
by Sieleanq December 29, 2016
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