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When the sight or thought of Nicholas Cage enrages you so much that you feel the need to punch the first person you see in the face.
Shit man, why'd you punch me in the face?

Because I just watched Con Air and got a mean case of Cage Rage!
by Casa De Ramson April 22, 2010
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A level of anger that is so beyond normality that the only thing it is comparable to are the on-screen outbursts of Nicolas Cage.

Jeff: What's up with Jon?

Joe: Oh, he's just got Cage Rage
by NakedAmericanMan March 05, 2011
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A boxing match with helmets and gloves on usualy done after hockey practice in the lockerroom. Although between teamates it can be quite brutal. Unique to hockey.

Sometimes known as lockerboxing.
"jerry got owned cage raging Tamas"
by carr February 26, 2005
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A destructive temper fueled by such uncontrollable anger similar to the anger of Nicholas Cage in any of his movies.
Dude, I went on a total Cage Rage after hearing that the Yankees beat the Red Sox the other day!
by TheOneWhoPissedInYourCheerios February 22, 2011
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