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A caelen is a strong and ferocious viking, expert dirty origami folder, 4 star open flame chef. synonymous with sex panther.
"Did you cook this steak over a bonfire? you are such a caelen."

"All the women love him, he is such a caelen."
by BearBearBearBear February 04, 2010
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The best woman to ever enter your life. She’s beautiful smart and musical. If you have a Caelen in your life, love and care for her. She deserves it!
by Derpi squid May 31, 2018
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Caelen is a special kinda guy ... Caelen will buy you an ice cream and take you for long walks on the beach ... Some say Caelen can eat a walrus with his eyeball sooome say Caelen is a child molester ... Sooome people are very right , soooome people a reece for example may be susceptible to a hard sausage pounding from Caelen because caelen feels like it ... Dont trust Caelen , you let a caelen into your life then BAM! Caelen's going round to your grans house every friday to " season her sandwich " Caelen is a slimeball.
Dean : So ... Hows your gran lately ?

Gerald: Shes had three hip replacements in the last week ...

Dean: I think your gran is boning a caelen !

Gerald: What makes you say that ?

Dean: I wasn't born a cripple you know
by Nitbag Brad May 29, 2018
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Sketch, a fiend, wack fool. will steal, take advantage, and hurt you if not careful. Has a nice side tho
Mike: You took advantage of her on drugs?
Wilber: Yeah
Mike: Who are you? Caelen?
by kile ahsh April 03, 2011
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