A name of a high end assault rifle in The Division. Commonly pronounced incorrectly by Billy and friends.
The Caduceus is a great gun in The Division.
by DucklessWonder March 22, 2016
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A gangbang consisting of medical professionals.
Let’s invite that girl Amy to join the Caduceus Gangbang after target practice.
by Ace1345 September 12, 2021
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Someone who is on the autistic spectrum and knows a lot of information about specific topics. They tend to prefer face to face interactions over text because they come across differently than they do in person. Examples of this include giving unwanted opinions to strangers online/twitter regarding science or medical care. Doesn't take kindly to being made fun of or being messed with. Has nothing nothing better to do than make this urban dictionary definition.
Citsitua Caduceus jokingly(of course) wanted to say fuck you
by The eyes have it September 27, 2020
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