A crossover SUV (also called CUV for Crossover Utility Vehicle. is an automobile with a sport utility vehicle appearance but is built upon a more economical and fuel-efficient unibody construction.

Well Known CUV's :
Mitsubishi Outlander.
Ford Edge.
Mazda CX-9.
Audi's Q5.
MAN ! Look at this new hot Nissan Rogue CUV !
by TheFireBall September 22, 2007
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A small, weak boy. Usually is very pale and frail. Has little to no muscle.
by FlyingPotato38 February 10, 2017
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An SUV, but for poseur/poseuse
Only poseur/poseuse who drives CUV. Real SUV are using ladder-frame chassis
by Sir. B April 4, 2022
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