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CSI: NY (working title CSI: New York) is an American police procedural television series which premiered on September 22, 2004. The series was the second spinoff from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and was introduced during an episode of CSI: Miami when Horatio Caine journeyed to New York City in pursuit of a murder suspect who fled Miami. It is much bloodier than the Miami version, and was filmed in a hard blue light until Season 2, when CBS President Les Moonves wanted to make the show appear "less cold".

Another crossover (between NY and Miami) was featured on November 7 (CSI: Miami) and November 9, 2005 (CSI: NY), which involved a crashed plane and an escaped serial killer, and included members of both casts.

Like the other two CSI programs, the theme song is by The Who; this time the song is "Baba O'Riley", also (erroneously) known as "Teenage Wasteland".

Interestingly, the show airs in the same time slot as NBC's Law & Order, a much older crime drama also set in New York City.

Except for Gary Sinise, Melina Kanakaredes, and Anna Belknap, all of the cast members are from New York. However, Sinise and Belknap have both lived in NY at some point.

CSI: New York
The Nine Network, Australia
Five, UK
by P. redeckis June 04, 2006
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Spin off of the origional CSI. Beware, containins brilliant plots, an extremely good-looking and deep cast, and humour, romance, intelligence, brilliance, friendship, anger in all the right places. Arguably the most graphic of the three, but that just adds to the realisticness.
Paddy: Hey CSI:NY's on tonight!
Mickey: What's CSI:NY?
Paddy: CSI: New York.
Mickey: Never seen it.
Paddy: You've got to be shittin me!
by sh1tin a brick February 26, 2009
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