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Great movie, underrated by critics (who said it was merely average.) Office space is like Dilbert...either you won't get it, and you'll think it's the most pointless thing ever...or, you just might realize it's a work of genius. I would expect nothing less from Mike Judge, creator of Beavis and Butt-head! The movie flags a bit toward the end, but is essential viewing nonetheless.
Bill Lumberg: "A little more to the left...that's greeaat..."
by toolio July 31, 2003

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Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Refers to the second edition of the game. Since third edition, the game is again abbreviated D&D, having dropped the word "Advanced".
"This is ADVANCED, Mark!"
by toolio July 31, 2003

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Another school boasting a lacrosse team that leaves Potomac's playing fields every year covered in human feces, putting up an honorable total of 4 goals to Potomac's 29. although to their credit, the fighting frogs display a certain willpower in their athletics that is to be marvelled at. God bless the little guys, they're trying......
Come to think of it I feel terrible writing this definition.
I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep now.
Fun Fact: A recent study has shown that, technically, it is statistically impossible for a constantly regenerating group of people to acquire or produce no athletic talent for as long as Maret has in the time/space continuum that we occupy. Congradulations.

We still love you, Maret.
by toolio April 21, 2005

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Computer Role-Playing Game.
Some deservedly famous CRPG's include the Baldur's Gate series and the Final Fantasy games.
by toolio July 31, 2003

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