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The annoying tendency of our mainstream political/ news/entertainment industrial complex to have it's talking heads deliver thinly veiled messages of class warfare and bigotry.ALL mainstream ideological viewpoints are guilty of this.
When America wants to explore it's or usually explores it in the context of skin color first...class second...and finally as a problem to be solved-when it's hideously clear that it's EVERYONES problem.(this sometimes takes decades)...But since for better or worse one is unable anymore to flat-out offend/demean/impugn the sensibilities of this or that tribe...words and phrases are used in conjunction with pictures to form or reinforce assumptions of what or who the "problem" is.A coupla' "CODESPEAKS'GREATEST HITS" would include:

"CHILDREN BORN OUT OF WEDLOCK"-For decades the picture in your head was that of a Black welfare mother with no father in sight...probably still is...But when you factor in such things as divorce and White professional females having be see that if in fact households without men is a's everyones problem.

"HIV"-Does'nt make the headlines much anymore unless it relates to Africa or the porn industry...But not too long ago when the disease was a sure death never heard a story about HIV that did'nt suggest that this was a disease of "THE INNER CITY"...And without fail-there would be a story every year about some young Black man just outta jail who moves into some suburban/rural White community and starts infecting the local White girls.Suggesting that as long as you were a White heterosexual...and you only fucked other White need not worry.Of course someone forgot to tell NASCAR star Tim Richmond this before he went off and infected 250 groupies-uh women with it on his way to that great oval in the sky.(he was white)Of course there were no stories either about the probably thousands of "UPPER-MIDDLE CLASS"
people who've been infected...yet becuase of private health insurance and privacy issues did'nt end up in the stats that are so often repeated.IT'S STILL EVERYONES PROBLEM.

"CRIME"-Are you kidding me?
CODESPEAK ANCHORMAN:"In the news today:Low test scores...affirmative golf course!Back after this."
by L.MARTIN October 19, 2005
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