CLIA means caught lacking in action. this is that moment you just doing something that makes u'r conscience tingle and then your caught
your girls walks in on u while u smashing another girl - he was clia . you are masturbating your mom walks in on you- u were clia .
your opps run down on you and you were clia.
by bostic June 02, 2018
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that moment when you fucking your sidechick n your girl walk in - he was CLIA . that moment when you walking on a opp block those niggas ran up on him and he was CLIA
by bostic June 03, 2018
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Clia is a beautiful and sexy person with an amazing personality better than anyone else and always the best sibling of the lot so much it drives the others mad, being sensual and a creative person they are sure to bring your day up
Woah you are Uber cool what’s your name

Names Clia bby
Ah makes sense now
by Best282 May 19, 2018
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