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CHIPSTH is a religious term refering to the religion of CHIPSTH. It consists of the fruits and/or animals that worship mark, the CHIPSTH god. CHIPSTH was discovered in the year 2005 and is an ongoing process to convert the world to either an animal or fruit name and to worship all things chipsthy. The two founding mothers of CHIPSTH are Bare (bear) and Limin (lemon). They have then adopted many under them. Limin ruling the fruits and Bare ruling the animals. Bunnunah (banana) is the only CHIPSTH officer witch is the second highest position. Maingow (mango) is a CHIPSTH janitor, the lowest position. After you have been adopted into the chipsthy family you are given a fruit or an animal name. usually spelled different then the given name. You must fallow all the chipsth rules or you are then declared unchipsthy or chipshy. Being Chipshy is like sinning in the christian religion. The Chipsth religion's symbol are triangles like the christian and catholic religion's symbol is a cross. Chipsth is a peacful religion and everyone in the chipsthy family loves everyone and everything except bad things. Bare, Limin and Bunnunah are vegetarian and do not support eating meat. We think eating meat is evil.
That triangle is chipsthy.

That number is chipshy.
by Bunnunah January 29, 2008
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