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Commonwealth Governor's School - Virginia. Synonymous with idiotic, ridiculous, really stupid, meaningless, other characteristics of horrible education.

This "advanced" half-day program during high school is total shit and contains dumbed down "AP" courses conducted by idiotic teachers. The "broadcasts" where different sites discuss topics are a joke. You do nothing and are forced to look like you're paying attention. Their only purpose is to distinguish CGS from regular high school. They take enormous time away from class and prevent actual learning. Same goes for Culminating (a 4 year long project) and Interdisciplinary projects. The teachers do not realize this, and think these projects are preparing us for college. HA HA HA, etc. They only waste my time and make me despise topics I once enjoyed through endless and meaningless paperwork.

Regular school courses are ACTUALLY better. Although I take my core classes at CGS, I take electives at my "home" school. I'm taking a few AP courses as electives and find myself interested and ACTUALLY learning. Crazy, right? Maybe it's the lack of stupid projects and idiotic teachers (You think?). CGS has to step up their game and honor the prestige they currently hold. The only benefit of CGS is when you're applying to college. Not knowing the poor quality of the education, colleges probably look highly upon CGS.

ADDITION - CGS has somehow destroyed my writing. Straight to the point: CGS English teachers are the worst.

"Fuck CGS."

"Today was so CGS. I didn't learn anything."

"Man, this assignment is so CGS."

"I'm not learning anything. This teacher must be from CGS."
by Sum1 on the Inside October 25, 2011
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Unlike what a few students claim, CGS is actually a pretty good place to go to school. The professors care about their students and are passionate about what they teach. One of it's many virtues is that it is significantly smaller than CAS, giving it a community atmosphere while it has access to the resources of a large university. Although some claim that CGS is an 'easy' school, in reality it is actually more difficult to get A's in CGS than in CAS.
Person 1: "That guy just put down CGS."
Person 2: "Wow, how ignorant."
by Aloe&VitaminE May 09, 2009
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Commonwealth Governor's School- Va

CGS is a very beneficial program for a multitude of reasons. It provides a wordly education through its many topics that discuss views from out of our own country. It also provides an understanding of how other classrooms run and how other students besides your own classmates work, by having broadcasts to 5 other sites. It also has an abundance of projects per year, that are not only stimulating, but are fun. A yearly project is culminatng, which gives you an idea of how college research projects are design.CGS rarely to never gives busy work out, and even if it may seem to be that way, you always are able to learn something important from it. CGS is a diverse body of gifted students, that over time, come to grow into a family of not only students, but also a group of people who always are there to help one another out.
The 6 CGS sites are Riverbend, Colonial Forge, North Stafford, Stafford, Spotsylvania, and King George.
by Lilmacout1 March 07, 2013
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1. The Championship Gaming Series, a place for complete noobs to compete and show off ther lack of skills.

2. Something that is lacking of any value as an insult, the opposite of CPL
1. Lol, have you seen those fucktards playing source on the telebox?

2. Bob's new car is rusty as hell, it's really CGS
by Kuponuts January 04, 2008
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CGS - College of General Studies at Boston University. Essentially, a two-year community college within which less intelligent students can feel a part of a university. CGS also significantly lowers BU's national ranking and contributes to the university's awful grade deflation. In certain contexts, also synonymous with "dumb" and/or "gay."
"Class was so CGS today. We did absolutely nothing."

"It was zero degrees outside so the T was wicked packed. Talk about CGS."
by Tahm October 07, 2007
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