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CE is an acronym for "casual encounters" a section of the popular trading website craigslist. CE represents to the rest of the world a place where sexual favors are exchanged for the lowest level of implied commitment. It is typically infested with single moms, prostitutes, transsexuals, and jailbait who are all vying with each other to trap Mr. Scumbag USA into an LTR (Long Term Relationship) with the promise of NSA (No Strings Attached) sex.
Justin : Dude my fucking sac itches and I think I got herpes on my face.

Frank : Well you shouldn't have fucked that chick from CE dude.

Justin : Yeah, I mean it was cool that she was really into anal, but I probably should have known better.

Frank : Sometimes you have to think about what you don't want before you think about what you want.

Justin : Sage advice.
by Darker January 21, 2010
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The second largest social board on GameFAQs (# 400) and since the Gamespot merge and LUE restrictions, is now degrading to an even dumber LUE.
CE used to be filled with interesting and quality people, now it's filled with fucktards.
by N/A January 01, 2005
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Common Era. This is a term used by people who feel that "AD" actually still has a religious significance in this day in age.
Little known fact: telephones were actually invented in 1243 AD - Sorry, CE, but due to government restrictions, were not introduced commercially until much later.
by Gregory February 14, 2004
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casual encounters
Met up with this girl on CE over at CL. We had some wild NSA sex.
by Craigslist May 20, 2004
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Short for Compact Edition
Windows CE is a small Windows used on PDA's
Recent Versions are called Pocket PC because the first versions were crap....
Windows CE sucks-get an Palm OS powered device
by Tam Hanna May 31, 2003
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Abbreviation for "Circumcision Envy". It is a serious pathological affliction suffered mainly by American neo-hippies and White, non-Jew Europeans when they realize that they are not circumcised. Sympoms of CE include the following:

* Expressing an unbridled abhorrance towards the act of circumcision
* Writing biased, emotional entries on Urban Dictionary where useful definitions for circumcision-related terms should be, and then spamming the "thumbs up" button
* Referring to his or herself as an "intactivist" while totally missing the irony
* Joining foreskin-worshiping cults like NOCIRC and HOOP (fictional example from Arrested Development)
* Protesting outside of hospitals that perform circumcisions
* Making outrageous statements against circumcision without citing any scientific studies, and opting instead for emotional pleas, testimonials, and anecdotes
* Equating the removal of foreskins to the destruction of the clitoris in third world countries (despite the fact that the clitoris is actually the female version of the mushroom tip)
* Calling anyone who circumcises their children "barbarians"
* Assaulting mohels (even though they perform barely 1% of all circumcisions)
* Harassing circumcised men in attempts to make them just as self-conscious about their penises people with CE
* Will not shut up if anyone within an earshot says "circumcision"
Milo: Hey Joseph! Wanna go with me an Kelly to HOOP's "Thousand Foreskin March" this Saturday?
Joseph: I don't think that'll work out too well, seeing as I'm Jewish.
Milo: No way-- you mean you're CIRCUMCISED!?
Joseph: Actually, I was referring to it being on a saturday, but the anti-circimcision part is a problem for me too.
Kelly: You don't have a foreskin? Ew, you're not a whole man! Your dick can't even feel anything!
Joseph: That's just a myth started by people with CE. I have just as much sensation as anyone else, but I have more control since I can handle more stimulation.
Kelly: Wait, so you mean... You can keep it up for longer?
Joseph: Yup.
Kelly: I've had enough of these dumb protests and that shy turtle Milo calls a dick! Joseph, will you take me home and let me take a spin on your marvelous dreidel?
Joseph: Sure. Girls always love the 10% off special!
by MongooseFarmer January 31, 2011
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The top CEO and executives in the most successful countries go through the most elite C.E.S programs so they can bring optimal performance out of the companies they lead. The Corporate Education System will teach the student the hidden secrets of the business world, stuff that they don’t tell you in the class rooms.
by (“I Win!”) November 06, 2017
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