Come back pussy. Keepin all the gangstas hooked on sweet ass pussy. Always keeps them cummin back for more...
Yo fool, I get all the dicks hard with my CBP.

Damn dog I ripped up some good CBP during chizurch. Hit that shit soo hard.
by CBP Gina69 September 20, 2010
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Citizens Border Patrol.

This movement was started by some concerned citizens living in Sout Western Texas. The group patrols the Mexican/Texan border. The government does not support the group but they have no problem with them. CBP places Illegal Mexican Immigrants under Citizens arrest and provide them with food, water and medical care before handing them over to the local Police Department.
Support and Help for Jose , protecting the Texan borders every day-CBP slogan
by O.G.JayMasta July 02, 2005
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"cuddle butt pump" - the act of subconsciously thrusting your hips during spooning. It occurs in the small window of time between awake and sleep and usually involves the guy (the person about to perform CBP) spooning the girl (about to get thrusted upon) during a home movie or the like. It is typically a subtle act, and the girl usually rolls her eyes at the thought, while guys laugh at the prospect.
CBPing, CBPed, CBPs
And so, halfway through The Notebook, he started to CBP me and I knew he wasn't awake!
by Iceman2480 July 27, 2007
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Short for wordClassic Bracket Problem/word. Phrase ALways used by Mr.Schlabra in the Computer Science class , no matter what kind of problem it was.
*Computer blows up*

Mr.Schlabra : Classic Bracket Problem
by larstait October 27, 2003
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